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This week I did something I never do.  Instead of walking the half-block, on Sunday, to purchase my papers… I did a few errands.  GASP.  I try not to go anywhere (except for my nice walk to get papers) on a sunday.   But I had my Baskin Robin Free Birthday Scoop expiring and I knew that will all the Walgreen Freebies this week that I needed to go that day.  SO I did.  Boy am I glad too!  When I stopped in today to pick up my pictures they were all out! WOW!

Above you see are two scenarios of just the free items.  I have a few other things I need/want to get this week but here is the lowdown-  I have $5.50 in RR from last week.  $3RR from Oral B and $2.50 from KotexU

Transaction 1:
1 Stayfree $2.99
1 Skintimate $2.99
1 Plackers Dental Floss $2
Used $2/1 Stayfree
Used $2.50RR
Used $3RR
Paid $1.14 w/ tax oop
Recieved $3RR for Stayfree, $3RR for Skintimate, and $2 for the floss.

Transaction 2:
Clio beautytrim personal hair trimmer $4.99
Used $3RR
Paid $2.40 w/ tax OOP recieved $5RR

So now I have 1 $5RR, 1-$3RR, and 1-$2RR

Transaction 3:
Infusion 23- leave in condition $4.99
-$2 from the WG May coupon book
-$3 from May ALL YOU coupon
Schick Disposable Quattro Titanium razor $5.99
$4/1 coupon
8 children’s Hallmark cards .49
– $5RR
= .91OOP + tax
Recieve $5RR for the Hallmark Cards, $1RR + $3RR for buying the razor.  Awesomness!

Transaction 4:
BOGO Vitamins (looking for Fish oil which is about $6.99 here)
USe 2- $5/1 coupon from natures Bounty rewards program (I use my codes when we buy vitamins and it adds up to some nice coupons!) Overage of $3 right now-
2 Scotch packing tape .99 w/ in ad
$1/1 coupon
Still $3 overage
2 Dove Deodrant $2.49/1
2 $2/1 coupon = .98/2
$2.02 overage…
2 Wipes 2/$5
– 2 .75/1 = $1.50/2
1 Bumblebee Tuna .69
Use $2RR
oop- .19+ tax
receieve no RR but thats ok.  2 Wipes alone for .19 is awesomeness!