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At Rite Aid I used my $25 GC and only spent $1.18 oop for 6? transactions.  Concidering the fact I was trying to work with some allergy medicine scenarios I dont think that was too bad. 😀

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This is not everything.  I had already given some away to family and friends.  I ended up with 4 -Purex 3-in-one
2 more Old Spice deodrant, 2 KotexU,  2 Dex4, some candy for the cashier’s, 2 GE Lightbulbs, Sea Breeze, Nivea Lip .  And some others that I am drawing a blank on. 😛  Oh on the Benevia.  I got one of each so I could use one of each of the RA VV (one was for Strength and Energy and one was for Heart Healthy.  Just a tip for those with RA VV issues like me).  I also worked with a friend that needed some dayquill tablets so thats $$ towards the allergy SCR.   I will recieve back $17.98

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Walgreens was $6oop due to a lost RR.  I found it later (in my walgreens reusable bag of course :P)  but it did mess up my scenarios a bit.  I have $5.50 in RR left. 🙂

So I’ll add $17.98 to my envelope $100 challenge.  I got my $15 Olay Rebate check this week.  So I actually add $32.98 to my envelope.

Groceries I did spend $48 since it was my week for refreshments at church (totally slipped my mind!) and I was so unprepapred.  DRAT!

So I have a negative balance of -$17.98 😦  One more week left… Fingers crossed.