Or, an update on the garden.

I admit, I am getting slack in my garden.  *sniff* literally sniff.  The allergies are bad this year.  Seems like the moment I set foot outside I start sneezing.   But I did plant some of the tomatoes today and boy did it feel good to get my hands dirty.   Hubby bought me a rose for my birthday..

100_7878.jpg picture by CNeipp

Isnt it pretty? 

We found a ripe red strawberry!  From our last year’s planting.  OK…   Hmm, weird.  Does it take a year for strawberries to produce? Kind of like it takes 2 years for asparagus to grow?

100_7881.jpg image by CNeipp
100_7882.jpg image by CNeipp
(Sorry for the small pictures. 😦 )
100_7880.jpg image by CNeipp
Flowers up by the house
100_7883.jpg image by CNeipp
My other rose bush/ pansies/ etc
100_7879.jpg image by CNeipp
Snapdragons! 🙂
100_7884.jpg image by CNeipp
weeding the bed and pickin’ the Sugar Snap Peas… mmmmmmm
100_7885.jpg image by CNeipp
Still hoping for some herbs but they keep dying.  The green beans died too. Its been a strange year.