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Coupon Teacher had some wonderful thrifty laundry ideas taht I am going to take and expound on what little experiance I have.

“1. Ditch your dryer sheets and fabric softener. I have sensitive skin, so we rarely use these.  Our clothes are just fine without them.  For times of the year when the static is really bad, I cut a free and clear dryer sheet in half. (This is very green too.) “

I do this.  I dont use laundry sheets because I hang up my clothes but when I “need” em (Ie Silky items that *have* to go in the dryer due to weather and what not, I re-use a dryer sheet several time.

“2. Look for sales on Laundry Soap.  I can usually get a full sized bottle of my preferred brand for $2.50 or less.

I couldnt agree more.  I know people make theirs but I dont have that kind of time right now and i have found it to be much cheaper to buy mine on sale with coupons.  I have a lot of detergent that I havent paid more than $1 for.   I have Tide, Snuggle, Purex, and a couple other ones.  We tried the 7th Generation one detergent since I love their cleaners but I was not impressed. 

“3. Make your own Laundry Soap.  I have to be honest and say that I haven’t tried this.  It can be very thrifty and green though!  Read here to find out more.

See number 2

“4. Use less soap. I only fill my soap up to the fill line when I have heavily soiled clothes.  Most of the time, half as much does the same job, if not better!

An Emphatic YES! It’s also better on your clothes. 🙂

“5. Use cold water when possible. I try to reserve warm or hot water for one load of whites per week.  This should make a quick difference in your bill.

All I have ever had is cold water.  We never got the hot water hook-up to our shed.  So I cant really say by experiance that this is true… but I would have to say that research shows it to be so.

“6. Only do full loads of laundry (or change the size settings).  If you only do full loads, you will be using less electricity.

For a family of 4 (2 little ones) I only do laundry once a week unless we’ve been sick or something.   I pick up clothes at thrift stores and yard sales so I can afford a few extra items.  And in the long run its worth it.  Monday is our laundry day.  I usually have 2-3 loads.  One white/light and one dark/denim.  They are usually full or almost there.  I think too, if you use clothes more than 1 day a week it works better for laundry.

“7. Hang clothes to dry.  I am seriously considering asking for a clothes line this year, but you don’t have to have one.  I hang all my sweaters over the dining room chairs to dry.

When my second child was born I almost did exclusivley dryer.  This past year when we decided to start Dave Ramesy and cut every unecesseary expenditures I went back to hanging up laundry.  So far in 4 months we have saved $20 off our electric bill.  That will be $120 a year!   Something to think about.  Even if you dont have a yard to put a line up,  there are ways you can line your home with clothes to hang dry.. Usually a bedroom is good..

“8. Only wash dirty clothes. This may seem obvious, but husbands and kids need to follow this too.  Don’t let them put clean clothes in the hamper!

No comment. 😉

“9.  Use towels more than once.  We use our towels for quite a stretch, but have a great place to hang them to dry too.  Reusing a towel just once will save on the loads of laundry you do.

Your clean right when you get out of the shower,  so we use 1 towel for each person and tehy get washed at the end of the week. 

10. Don’t rerinse the clothes or fluff the dryer.  This is easier said then done for me.  I sometimes forget a load of clothes in the washer or dryer.  It has been my goal to remove clothes promptly to prevent having to use more energy!

Yeah, this one is kind of a big reminder for me.  I’ll put a load in the wash and then go do something, and then something else, and by the end of teh day I’ll remmeber the load. OOPS!  Clothes can get very stinky that way.  A good reminder is a timer, or even a note taped to your watch or something.