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Well, I’ve had a couple interesting weeks.  Last week I did my big shopping grocery trip.  I took $80 out of the grocery envelope  and tried to get all I could for the rest of the month.  I found some cheap ground beef.  Inexpensive hashbrowns at Staters (.67 a package which is the cheapest I have ever seen!) and some other items we needed.  I didnt buy one thing that wouldnt be used for a meal.  Chips was the only “treat” and I got those for our tortilla soup.  $1 package for hubby’s favorite (Padrinos) is a very good deal.   I spent $78 and some change.    I had $73 to spend so I was trying to figure out where the $15 came from.  Hmmm must have got a rebate back or something.   So now then at this point I had $88- $78 = $10

Then, the unthinkable happened… my son tried to pull the sewing machine on him.  Thank our ever protective Father that he was not hurt.  I flew that day.  If you dont think men can fly… I am living proof they can.   It was save the kid or the sewing machine… There was no option.  So I brought the sewing machine to be fixed.  $230 later I will have a working sewing machine again.   So, I am not using that from my envelope but there was a great cost there. 😛

So we went out of town to get it fixed and I did some shopping in the Big City.. .Lancaster! I actually bought me a brand new dress… from a store!

 I think I paid $14.99 + tax.  Ross. 😀 Love Ross.  Original price tag was $79 :O   So now I have something that I can wear for special occasions.  The tank top was mine.  Its a nursing tank that is suppose to be worn under a tshirt so its lower than I like for this dress but my other one was in the wash.  Anyway.

I dragged my sister voluteered to go with me.  Hubby and I have a rule about big city’s.  Go with someone else that can drive. 🙂 We had so so much fun.  She had fun too with purchases.  She bought some items for the kids…

 No, the hats and shoes do not match the outfits but the hats were new and they wanted to wear them.  My daughter loves those shoes and I can never get her in anything else.  Little Miss Independent. LOL.

Saturday I recieved my Rebate Check from Rite Aid ($89 thankyouverymuch!) + my $25 gift card from Feb Heart Healthy (finally!) so I am stalked up again. Whew.  I also had a yard sale with a few friends that brought some more moolah in so the envelope is stocked up once again… but most I am working towards putting it to the machine.  Fun!

Saturday- hubby took us all to Short Canyon for a hike.  That was so much fun!



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And tomorrow I will be 22.  Wow. What a week!