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 Hand of Fate (A Triple Threat Novel)

Plot synopsis:
From Publishers Weekly: Bestseller Wiehl and Henry’s second Triple Threat novel (after Face of Betrayal) offers an exciting if familiar plot. When Jim Fate, a radio talk host in Portland, Ore., opens a padded envelope addressed to him shortly before going on air, he releases a poison gas, possibly sarin, that soon kills him. The package also contains a copy of Talk Radio, originally a play, later a movie, about the true-life murder of Denver talk show host Alan Berg. Caught in the subsequent investigation are three young professionals with links to law enforcement: federal prosecutor Allison Pierce, who’s pregnant; FBI special agent Nicole Nic Hedges; and Cassidy Shaw, a TV crime reporter, who formed the Triple Threat Club after a high school reunion. Readers will identify with these very real women as they try to uncover Fate’s killer, and each battles a personal demon—Allison her fear of miscarriage, Nic her fear of her daughter’s criminal father, and Cassidy her prescription drug addiction.

When I got this book from booksneeze I was kind of leary at first.  Ok, I admit it.  I stared at the book for days weeks trying to decide if I dare pick up the book.   This is an excellent example of “dont judge a book by its cover”.   I am so glad I “made” myself.  It was deep, it was exciting,  and the end did leave a twist that I was not expecting. 

At first I was swept up into the lives of three women and I felt like I couldnt get the characters straight.  It wasnt long however before the story-line flowed and I was engrossed in it.  I even tried to finish it at the dinner table last night… but I couldnt.  I put the book down and picked it up again to finish it before falling asleep. 

The author(s) Lisa Weihl and April Henry did an excellent job of giving you enough information so you could play detective yourself but not too much that you knew the story.   I read this book first even though it was the second and I didnt know this until further on in the book but it was more of hint rather than a statement.  Which is good, it means that I can read the first without worrying that anything will be given away. 

I would recommend finding this series and reading it for yourself.  My review doesnt do it justice.  Fall inlove with the characters, feel sorry for the victims, feel justice in your blood as the good reigns and right is done with the bad. 

Thank you Thomas Nelson for providing a good read for me.  I was hesitant on the content, whether it would be to my standards, I shouldnt have been worried.  You have kept a wonderful tract and I thank you for the opportunity of reading another wonderful fiction book.

To the rest of you, if you want a good clean mystery, pick up your copy here!