This week I managed to purchase 5 Sunglasses (yes, I didnt grab 2 like I thought with the BOGO deal at Rite Aid)
We gave one away to Stephen’s friend, Stephen (yes, two Stephens a year apart.  Its fun. :D)
2 are set aside for Christmas.  *I need to get 4 more*

Anyway, Emma and Stephen really enjoyed what mommy brought home;

Emma is all girl.  She loves to copy me and when I am inside, there is where my glasses go.  So she obviously had to copy me. 😉 🙂 (yes, she burned her chin somehow)

100_7703.jpg picture by CNeipp

Stephen, liked to use his as a necklace.  So I put them on and then snapped quickly. Hee hee.

100_7702.jpg picture by CNeipp

and one more for the road….

100_7701.jpg picture by CNeipp