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So I had quite a number of shopping trips/transactions to do today.  But I acomplished everything for less than $20.

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Transaction 1 includes:
3 boxes of Puffs @ .99 each – .25/3
4 cans of Olives @ .99 each – 2 $1/2 coupons
2 Hershey’s Bliss Clearanced Eggs $1.88 – $1 coupon – WG $1/2 coupon
1 Colgate Clinical $3.99 – $1 coupon
3 oral B adavantage toothbush $3 each – 3 $2/1 coupons
2 Frapuchinos $1.25 each – 2 $1/1 coupons
Total before coupons $26.18
After Coupons and $10RR = $2.93
Recieved $3RR for Oral B and $3RR for Colgate
$3.07 profit!

Transaction 2:
1 Kotex $3.49 – $1 coupon
2 Frapuchinos 1.25/1 – 2 $1/1 coupon
Walgreens toothbrush .33
.32 oop recived $2.50RR , $2.18MM

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Transactions 3/4
Kotex $3.49 – $1 coupon
Clinical toothpaste $3.99 – $1 coupon
3 Puffs tissue .99/1 – 3 .50/1 coupons from Vocal Point
2 Walgreens toothbrush .33 each
Total before coupons $11.11
After coupon, used $2&3RR = $2.61 oop
recived $2.50RR and $2RR = $1.89MM
Kotex $3.49
2 Puffs .99/1
Walgreens toothbrush $1 (it wouldnt take the coupon for some reason)
Total before coupons- $6.47
After coupons and $2RR Total oop $1.97
Recieved $2.50RR = .53MM

because I didnt believe that Kmart would actually double coupons I did one transaction unplanned as I passed by so it isnt a great one but it did work and I was excited about that.
I bought 1 Garneir Shampoo $3.99/1
1 Puffs tissue $2.29/1
Before coupons- $6.28
$1/1 Puffs Vocal point Coupon doubled = $2
$1/1 Shampoo doubled = $2
Total oop – $2.28, Total spent $2.28
Not great but like I said, and expiriment and it worked.  The next day, armed with my coupon binder- I hit the store-
for beginners, like myself, there is a limit of 5 doubled coupons in 1 transaction and up t0 10 coupons in one transaction.  So if you have 10, only 5 will double.  And when coupons double, they dont exceed the item at all.  So if you have a $3.79 item and a $2 coupon, it will double up to $3.79. 🙂  Also, you need the KMart Reward program and make sure you scan your card BEFORE coupons.  The Cashier got confused and said hand teh coupons first but if that happens, politley mention the fact that their policy is to have the Card first otherwise the coupons wont work.   Also if you are in a store that has a hard time with coupons, I find here in town, the men are more apt to help you and be pleasant with you.  😉  More gentlemanlike without being cads if you know what I mean.   The important thing is to find somoene to work with you.

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Transaction 1:
5 Dove Deodrant @ $3.79 each
1 Right Guard Total Defense $2.50/1
$1.99 for the navy pants (cause I assumed that the coupon would be overage, but since I really needed some church pants for Stephen I still scored I think. 🙂 )
Total before coupons- $23.44
After coupons – $5.78 (cause I Didnt notice until I got home that one of the coupons didnt go through. Doh)
Recieved a $5 Catalina for buying $15 worth of Dove Products
Total .78 (by the way, never tried Dove that I can remember, well, I LOVE them.  Nice and clean smelling and so far after day 1 of use, still going strong ;))  I also recieved a 5%off my next purchase at Kmart (doesnt start til Monday)

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Transaction 2:
1 Stay Free Maxi Pad (sorry men ;)) $3.79 – $2/1 coupon doubled= Free
4 Right Guard Deodrants $1 each = $4 – $2/2 coupons from coupons.com (link on left)= Free
Cracker Jacks ??? (free for using KMart Rewards)= Free
Snuggle $4.00 (sale 2/$8) – $3/1 coupon (not doubled because its over $2) = $1
Soft Scrub Total $2.99 – $1.50/1 doubled = Free
Soft Scrub Gel $2.99- $1.50/1 printable coupon from website= Free
Total before coupons- $17.77
– Coupons (including a Kching surprise bonus -$1.49, I am assuming that is the Cracker Jacks? going by reciept here)
Total oop $2.07, Total Cost= $2.07

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Transaction 3:
(4 Dove Deodrant- $3.79/1) (Seperate transaction)
1 Downey $3.79 -$1/1 coupon doubled = $1.79
1 Stain and Release $6.99/1 – $3/1 coupon (see note) = $6.99
1 Broadway Nails $4.79 – $2/1 coupon from coupons.com (left side link) doubled =.79
1 Kiss Nails $6.49-  $2/1 coupon from coupons.com (left side link) = $2.49/1
1 Oral B toothbrush $3.59 – $2/1 coupon doubled = Free
2 – 7up $1/1 – $1/1 coupon = 2 for FREE
Total before coupons $17.78
After coupons $7.06 (including the $5 coupon from the Dove)
Cost – $7.06
Dove Transaction $1.07including tax oop recieved $5Catalina = $3.93 profit
The Tide Coupon would not scan.  I didnt have more than 10 coupons.  It was the right thing.  Even had a manager come and couldnt figure it out.  So they tried to void it so we could do it on a seperate transaction but it wouldnt allow us.  Couldnt void it.  So I purchased it with the intent on taking it to the register with the manager, returning it and then purchasing it with the coupon again.  When I did that they found a $1 coupon already on there.  We still cant figure out why unless its becuase the Downey and the Tide somehow are linked.  She couldnt refund the full $6.99 and still take the coupon for $3 so I just left it at that.  Not worth the hassle we were going through.  But it was weird. 😦

Rite Aid
Since I am getting really short on time, I’ll just show the picture, cost, rebates, and earning/spending
Transaction 1:  OOP- $4.41 including tax will recieve $4 Rebate = $0.41 Cost (The napkins alone would have cost $2!)
I “sold” some of these items to a friend of mine and my brother so I actually made – $4.59
Sunglasses are not the ones you will see later.  These glasses are actually going in a box for my neices and nephews back in IN for Christmas. Shhhh. 🙂

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Transaction 2:
As you can see by my note- the total cost to me was $1.79 (not pictures were 2 bags of Starburst Jelly Beans for my Mother) Now, while I didnt “Make money” on this transaction- I LOVE those hair things and they run about $5 a package.  You can use $1/1 hair product Wellness coupon for those.  When I first bought mine at Christmas last year, they were $10 a package.  Awesome find for me right there!
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Transaction 3:
Note says: $6.16 oop
Note: The Jelly Beans again are an added thing for my mother.  The cost should have been $3.16 but RA wouldnt accept the $3/1 Tide coupon on top of the BOGO coupon I had. Oh well.  That Tide alone is worth $20 so I kept my mouth shut.  The shampoo/conditioner is one of hubby’s favorite.  I cringe to remember last summer when he went and brought home 6 shampoo/conditioners and we spent approx $30.  Now I paid I think $2? for that bottle.  Its amazing the way coupons will change your way of thinking.
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 Stats: Total Spent this week, including $15 Farmers Market = $18.95
From the $100 challenge- Total spent = $37.10
Left = $62.90

Today I recieved $15 in Rebates to add to the envelope = $77.00 BUT I will be spending $4 tomorrow to get some diapers, deodrant and more shampoo. 😉
$73 left in envelope.

My Big shopping day is coming up. 😛