Daily Worth

Life as Mom posted about this deal over here as well.

You can sign up at this website  and they will send you emails with great frugal tips.  I signed up because I like to know if my readers are going to be getting little information and a lot of advertising (which isnt frugal for us ;))  I was really impressed by my first email.  I’ll give you a snippet of it;

Sneaky taxes
Every time you buy a bottle of wine or a pack of cigarettes, you pay an added price for your vice in the form of a small, built-in sin tax. Gambling is also taxed. Soda is the next hot ticket.

This is only first email and with more information on such taxes its already becoming one of my daily emails that I will look forward too.  No, at this point its nothing new but sometimes hard evidence is the key to convincing someone else. 🙂

So sign up here for your daily emails.  🙂

*discloser, I do earn a bit when you sign up. 🙂