I am teaming up with fishmama and money saving mom to decluttering our home.

Remember that one post I had a while back about getting rid of 10 items a day?

Well, my goal is that while I clean and organize my home (some call it Spring Cleaning but it seems to happen all year round here) I get rid of 10 items as well.    I well did that yesterday.

Before: Woodbox/misc box (stuff to ship/sell/giveaway)
100_7656.jpg picture by CNeipp

*I am so glad you cant see my face right now*

100_7683.jpg picture by CNeipp

My goal is to keep it that way for atleast a month.  Then I will be so use to it I’ll never allow anything else.

So what is left? 
1 Bag for consignment store.
couple of dresses to either give to my neice or send to a friend
1 box of fabric scraps that I mail off when full to my friend Cathe (psst she makes BEAUTIFUL quilts.  I believe everyone should own atleast 1 Cathe~Glory Quilts original.  I think I have 5? of hers. :D)
1 package for a customer.

I got rid of a box of books, a bag of clothes, a purse and a lot of trash.

So tackling this table next…. *shudders*
100_7657.jpg picture by CNeipp