When I recieved my Bible I was instantly impressed by how well packaged it was.  I didnt remember ordering anything and it was a pleasant surprise to open up the box.

The Bible was beautifully bound.  Italian Duo-Tone binding.  Pink and bright and colorful. 

Ok, so thats all the cosmetics of The Book of Life.   What about the content and insight that this is suppose to give us mothers that have such a hard time finding 10 minutes to just sit and worship?

Honestly, I dont think that this version of the Bible made my devotion time more easier/better/etc.  It did gives some wonderful insight and some thought provoking questions.

A quote I found here sums up my thoughts well enough;
” The all-new Busy Mom’s Bible (Zondervan, March 2010) was created especially for today’s time-constrained mothers who may only have a few moments to nourish their soul each day. Packed with One-Minute Thought Starters, each of which provides a single memorable word for mothers to take into their days, the Busy Mom’s Bible makes a rich and evolving relationship with God more possible than ever.”

Its like having Our Daily Bread devotional right in your book.  If that adds more to your life and walk with God then I definetly recommend purchasing this Bible.

However, for my family, it would sit on a shelf and collect dust.  I still cling to my NASB version. 😉

I want to thank Zondervan for providing me with the Bible to review, and to summerize up would be this;
If I were to see this on a shelf, because of its version I would not be interested.  However, I would purchase one for my friends as a gift. 

 I am not being paid to write this review.  Only my honest thoughts.