Well, I left my camera and MIL’s house so I’ll have to pick it up tonight. Then I can show you some pictures.  But here is the results of today’s shopping.
shopper-md.jpg picture by CNeipp

Rite Aid- out of pocket Spent- $16.07, Will recieve $23.99 back + an addition $21

100_7644.jpg picture by CNeipp

Walgreens OOP spent- $16.97, have $9RR left, + $5 rebate + $10
(+ 3dozen eggs not pictured)
100_7643.jpg picture by CNeipp

Staters OOP spent – $40 in groceries including goodies for Easter tomorrow and company tonight. 100_7562.jpg picture by CNeipp

So total for this week- $3.15 Total for everything.

Some of the items included in this weeks shopping were:
4 bottles of Clean and Clear
2 Cover Girl cosmetics
Paper Plates
Ziplock bags
John Freida shampoo/conditioner
2 Colgate Clinical toothpaste
Gluten Free cookie mix
stuff to make 2 pudding pies
cottage cheese
coffee creamer (hey, a girl just has to have that!)
2 Garneir shampoo’s
2 Lo’real shampoo’s
3 candy bars (2 for the check-out workers ;))
Dove Shampoo
Frozen Spinache

Now, will I use most of that?  No.  But for $3.15 that wouldnt even cover the cost of the yougurt we bought I am happy.   And I can give some to my sisters that love this stuff and will use it and a few friends of mine love some of this stuff so I am saving some for birthdays and such. 😀

So totals this month $3.15 + $15 for Farmers Market
$18.15 for this week.  Hey not bad!
$82 left for this month. 🙂