cash-in-hand.jpg picture by CNeipp

I am challenging myself this month.   My mission, $100 for everything we need this month.   Includes groceries, diapers, veggies, TP, everything.  Now, if I earn any $$ with that $100 that is allowed to be used too but my main goal is not to pull anything from any envelopes (See Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System). 

Will I be able to do it?  I know I’m not going to be able to stay within $100 for everything but it will definetly be a challenge and fun to see how close to that I come.

I am not an expert coupon shopper.  However this recent video that Erin shared gave me hope-if-you-will that I could feed my family, Gluten-free, fairly “cheap”.  Since we are trying hard to save every penny right now its a challenge that I am ready to take on.

So far out of the $100,  spent $15 on groceries today.