I came up with this Rite Aid Scenario for my John Frizz rebate and thought I would share:

1 John Frieda Frizz Shampoo/Conditioner $6.99
1 Cetaphil Lotion $7.99
1 Johnson and Johnson item $2.99 
1 Dove Eggs $2.50
Total $20.47
Use $5/$20
Use $3/1 John Frieda Product
Use $1/1 J&J product
$5/1 Cetaphil product (no longer available)
$1/1 Dove RA VV
$1/1 John Freida Frizz product
$1/1 J&J RA VV
$1/1 J&J in ad coupon
$2/1 wellness coupon for skin care product
.47 oop + tax
Recieve $6.99 back on John Frieda Frizz Ease and $2.99 towards your J&J $50 rebate.        


Also, when I did this, I had yet another frustrating experiance.  Now they would only allow the $5/$20  RA printable since only “One RA VV Video coupon allowed per day.”   I am thanking God hourly that I did not loose my cool.  I was about ready to go through the roof.   so my oop was more but I didnt care at that point. I just wanted to get out of there, but needless to say, I didnt do any more shopping there but came directly home and called the number listed at the bottom of my flyer and asked what was going on.   A very nice understanding man told me (yes, I took his name down) that I was allowed RA VV for different items in the same transaction (about what my friend Erin does).   However, since their policy changed in Sept.  A lot of places are confused.   What a relief and he is sending me a copy of that policy for RA VV (since my email didnt go into detail about that) to take with me.  So, at this point I dont know what I am going to do.  When I called back to confirm on something else I got a different gal and it was kind of confusing to follow her since it almost sounded oposite of what the guy was telling me.  I really want to go back for the Huggies since we are pretty low but I dont know what I am going to do at this point. 

All that to say, sometimes it really is easier if you have any frustrations, complaints, compliments, etc to call taht number.  I had hesitated for so long cause I really do hate getting anyone in trouble.  We shall see.  As God wills.


Also, can anyone confirm/deny that the redplum inserts are no longer available for Southern CA area? The last two times we’re suppose to be getting some, none have been in the paper. 😛