A nice garden update~

100_7449.jpg picture by CNeipp

A surprise mushroom in the garden! Eek!

100_7450.jpg picture by CNeipp

Our volunteer peach tree’s are coming back! Yay! I was hoping the winter hadnt killed them.

100_7451.jpg picture by CNeipp

Green bean row 1.  We cant figure out why they are so yellow looking. 

100_7452.jpg picture by CNeipp

The pea row that desperatly needs my tending hand. AHHH! Someone give me more hours in the day.

100_7454.jpg picture by CNeipp

My beautiful pot of flowers.  Pansy’s, primroses, and Roses.  Tulips are starting to peak through as well.

100_7455.jpg picture by CNeipp

Did I mention how much I love Pansies?

100_7456.jpg picture by CNeipp

On the left is a volunteer plant of some sort,  Easter Lily is coming back, snap-dragon, amaryllis, geraniums, Iris (that needs to be planted, compliments of freecycle!), Rosemary that is coming back, another amaryllis, and patience. 

Enjoy! How is the first day of spring looking like for you?