So, everything went smoothly yesterday except for the RA VV coupons.  I was only allowed one coupon item per transaction.  So when I bought 2 poise and use 2 manufacter coupons, I was only allowed 1 RA VV coupon.   If you read in the faded out, tiny print, (be sure to grab your magnifying glass ;)) you can read a print where it says, only one coupon allowed per transaction.   Good to know eh?  So I did two transaction where I bought the Total Defense for $4.99 (my brother wanted some so I tried to see how low I could go for him).  I used $1.50/1 and 1 $2 RA VV video.  I repeated that transaction.

This is also where your wellness coupons can help.  While I couldnt get the same deal as Erin for her John Freida, I did have a $1 off Hair care coupon. 🙂  the Biore I did something *cant remember what* to bring the cost down too. 

So,  remember, do print out more than one coupon (you can do this by selecting the number of copies when your about ready to print.) this is no problem.  Just be sure to use 1 per transaction of 1 item.

I also had a great conversation with some of the RA employee’s and they helped me understand and figure it out.  Its also a great reminder not to abuse the coupon system.   They know me now and they are willing to work with me and hear my side so to speak.   I guess unfortunetly that they have been having problems with people taht have been abusing the coupons.  😦