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 Inbox Dollars is another way to earn some extra income by just clicking and reading emails.   I have been hesitant on posting this as a opportunity for you all until I could do some research.   There are two sites that I found very helpful-

Inbox Dollars Review

Honest Inbox Dollar Review

It sounds like to me, that while its not a get rich quick money making job, it does provide a little cushion that you could later use in the future.   Your looking at maybe a $1 a week.   I personally dont think that is at all bad for just spending a few minutes a day reading an email.   I also think it is a wonderful opportunity to have a cushion kind of like Dave Ramsey’s Emergency Fund in case an unexpected bill or something not budgeted for comes up and you can use it.  

Click here to sign up and get a $5 credit starting up. 🙂

Honestly, do you own research.   You know if its worth it to you or not.  (but if you do decide to sign up, use my link so I can get credited. 😉 Thanks!)

My own personal opinion:
A) all survey/email reading and whatnot, most of the time I dont qualify for. 
B) I have 3 or 4 different Inbox time survey/email things I do.  While none of them give me a good earning profit, combining most of them I do have a small cushion set aside in case our electric bill is higher this month or whatever.  Its nice to have that set aside for emergencies. 
C) You really are not going to be able to earn $1000’s of dollars by a company that pays you to read what they wrote, or click and email.  Do we get paid for the television commercials that are constantly being played?

Just my perspective. 🙂