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 Its been a hectic couple weeks here so I’m playing Catch-Up today…

This past 2 weeks, I havent been able to get pictures of all I have recieved, but if memory serves me right…

2 rebate check ($5 SC Johnson and $5 Ducolax)
Free 200 Calorie Pizza from DiGiorno
What’s pictured here-
100_7253.jpg picture by CNeipp

That pen btw- writes beautifully, but there is like a silver sliver type of thing on the grip, so you have to hold your  pen just write right in order for it not to drive you bonkers.  My personal review.  But I aint gonna complain for a free pen! 🙂  The Kashi Heart to heart gave me some nice coupons + a free one (which I didnt know until a clerk and I were trying to figure out why the computer kept beeping at us when Itried to use it this past week at Rite Aid’s BOGO deal  Then saw it was a free one!  Boy was I a happy camper! 4 boxes of practially free cereal! )

100_7315.jpg picture by CNeipp


100_7316.jpg picture by CNeipp

This is my Walgreen’s shopping past week.   A wee bit more OOP because A) our Walgreens didnt get the BOGO on the Purex but for $1.50 each I could get pure detergent with no chemicals?! Hallalujah!
I am so glad I stocked up on the tissues, I’ve been needed one or 10 every minute this past week. 
OOP I believe I spent $12 recieved 2 $3RR in return + 2 rebates I’ll get back for $8.99 each = profit so I’m ok. 😉  (wrong transaction) All those crackers and cookies were free!  And they make a nice edition to birthday gifts/parties, I even saved some for our next coffee snack at Church.   The quaker True Delight I still had my raincheck for .99 + some of my 75c off one BUT dadblammit, I forgot to check expiration dates! They had expired. 😛 So I did pay the .99 but concidering that these are almost $3 each AND we were heading out of town that weekend.  I calmed myself and said, “this is inexpensive for what we can eat.”  Amazingly, almost 1 week later, I still have one of those fraps left.   Due to my cold/sniffles, I havent wanted anything sweet. 

Actually, there is a pretty funny story here.  The day bfore we left to go out of town, hubby went to wally world to get some oil and decided maybe he’d get some baked chips.   Well, I sent along what coupons I had/have.  I guess he got to the checkout counter and didnt like the price, and the coupon they wouldnt take since he didnt get the right brand.   Instead of paying the $3 for the bag of chips, he said forget it.   What a man!!!! 🙂

Gardening is going good.  No updated pictures on that since I’d like to weed my beds first.   *whistles innocently*
Life if pretty much mundain but its my life… and my family make it wonderful!

“She see’s that her merchandise is good, and her lamp does not go out by night”.  Proverbs 31