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I have recently had the chance to read through the book The Voice of The Psalms published by Thomas Nelson. 

I chose this book because at our local congregation we are studying the Psalms and I thought it would be a nice edition for my own personal study.

I was not dissapointed.   It gave the feeling of those devotionals you get in the mail.  LIke Our Daily Bread and etc.    Each page gives a full psalm and some perspective thoughts.  While I do not agree with everything written for the most part I was fed and nourished.   

What I love most about this book is it being centered on scripture. 

What I did not like.  I did not like the transalation of the scripture.   They did not use KJV, NASB, ESV, NIV etc etc, they are ” retold by the friends of Ecclesia Bible Society”.   I believe it might have been my aversion to anything but NASB or ESV.   It had more of The MEssage feeling to it.   Definetly some insights.   If I had seen this in the store, I probably would have picked it up because of the study we are going through.  I do intend to give my Pastor Dad a chance to read it and I am sure he will glean some thoughts.  


Other information;

Readers will be inspired to praise and will find comfort, wisdom, and help for daily living through The Voice of Psalms.


  • the entire Book of Psalms in The Voice™ translation
  • 75 practical and insightful comments on selected scriptures, focusing the primary idea of each one addressed
  • devotional in tone
  • offering immediate application
  • 28 Advent readings with messianic quotes from other portions of Scripture
  • 40 Lenten readings with messianic quotes from other portions of Scripture
  • 40 Psalms readings for those seeking help from the Lord
  • 40 Psalms readings for those desiring to have a time of praise with the Lord


 I personally believe this is a book you will have to read for yourself.   Will you glean some, yes,  would it be worth the cost to you?  Only you can answer that.   I can see myself suggesting this book to some, but I cant see me doing that a lot. 

THis is my honest review of the book.   You can find more information here
Thomas Nelson- Voice of the Psalms.

Thank you Book Sneeze for providing this book!