I recently recieved my three free samples of Pampers Cruisers from Proctor and Gamble subscription.   For the most part I stick to Huggies. I like em.  When I can get them cheap like a store brand I stock up so I dont have to spend as much.  It works for me.

So I told myself I would not be pursuaded in any way when my Pampers came.   I would keep an open mind and look at it with a future goal in mind.  Especially with taht great deal going on at diapers.com.

Well, I have to honestly say, they werent as bad as I was expecting.   When my daughter was first born, Huggies were the only diaper that I didnt have any leaking issues with.   We tried again, a year later, when my son was born.  Still decided to stay with Huggies.  

Pampers Cruisers are probably the only Pamper diaper I will buy.   That being said, my son still needs Huggies so as not to ad to my laundry load.   My 2 year old daughter didnt have any trouble with them.   I tried overnight so as not to be biased by the potty training we have been giving her. 

For free diapers, they are deffinatly worth it.   For spending money on, at this time, no, not for us.   If you child can easily wear store brand without soaking his clothes,  I do recommend Pampers as a better substitute. 

OK, that is my honest review on Pampers diapers.  Judge for yourself.  Try them and see.

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