(part of Frugal Friday)

Once a week I always grab something quick and convient for days when I forget to pull something out for dinner, or life just got to hectic to get a good dinner out on the table. 

One of the best meals you can make within 15 minutes or less is Tater Tots and Chili or Frito Chips with Chili on top.  

Another meal is to stock up on Progresso Soup when they have their specials.    If you buy 20 cans put 5 away in the back shelf for days like this.  Your budget will thank you.

The main thing is to keep ingredients on hand for those quick meals.  Pizza tastes good and is easy.. until you balance your check book at the end of the month.

Most of this is nothing new to us, but the key is being prepared.  We know there will be days.  Let us prepare for that day.