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I have $8 in RR but I will provide a basic scenario for the beginners. 🙂

I have found a few errors in my post so please read the bolded red parts.

Transaction 1:
Buy 1 Colgate Total Advanced toothpaste $2.99
Purchase 1 Reach Toothbrush .99 w/ in ad coupon
Use 2 $1/1 coupon for the tooth paste and the tooth brush
Use $2RR from last week
Pay $2+ tax oop
Recieve $2RR

Transaction 2:
Lady Speed Stick $1.99
3 Crest Rinse 3/$9
1 Walgreens Bar of soap w/ in ad- .33
1 bowl fresh w/ in ad coupon .39
Use 3 $2/1 Crest mouth wash coupons from a P&G
Use $1/1 Lady Speed Stick coupon (printable?)
Use $2RR from previous transaction
Use $2RR from last week
$2.32 OOP + tax – Recieve $3RR

Transaction 3:
Supposedly, the coupon found at coupons.com does not match the deal at Walgreens.  My ad doesnt give me specifics that I can see about the Sudafed so I’ll be finding out about this deal when I get there.  There was a coupon in one of the inserts for $4/2 that can be used.
Buy 2 Sudafed at $4.99 each
Use 2 $4/1 from coupons.com printable
1 Bar of soap .39
Use $2RR from last week

.99 + tax oop (.37 + tax)
Recieve a $5RR!!!!!!!

Transaction 4:
Buy 2 right Guard BOGO ($2.99/1?)
1 Schick Intuition razor $8.99
2 Purex 3-in-1 2/$9 (Liquid for the BOGO deal)
(Again, this is being reported that these are ringing up BOGO.  If that is the case, you can either skip transaction 4 since it’ll be paid for or add something to this purchase. )

2 Nivea Lip Care .99 w/ in ad coupon
2 Ajax Cleaner .50 w/ in ad.
Use BOGO Purex coupon
Use $1/1 Purex coupon
Use $2/2 Right Guard OR $1.50/1 coupon (click the All star button: Note you may need to turn you pop-up blocker off )
Use 1 Nivea BOGO lip coupon + $1/1 any Nivea product = 2 free lip products!
Use $4/1 Schick coupon
Use $4RR from last transaction
Use $3RR from transaction 2 
Total- 2.48 + tax oop
Recieve $1RR + $4RR from the Schick razor

Grand total oop- $7.79 ($4.85)
and $5RR remaining

So I know for me I kept it under $5 so hopefully you will have some idea of what you can do. 🙂 

If you like Cottonelle Wipes- they are on sale for $1.99
Use the .50 off wipes coupon
Submit for .50/1 care rebate
.99 for a package!

I found Saving a Bundle to have some great scenarios!