I only have time for a brief update.  I went into Rite Aid today to get a hard copy of my store’s coupon policy.  No one could provide me with one.  I did a basic transaction and the cashier told me only one rite aid video coupon per item allowed.  The numbers on the bottom have to be different.  I cant use for example 2 Garnier RA video coupons.  Only one.  Then I asked how many coupons were allowed per transaction?  (this is a different gal btw)   She believed that as long as the coupons didnt exceed your merchandise it would be ok.  If you had 12 items, you could have 12 coupons.  Which didnt make sense at all. 

Is anyone else lost?  I sure am.   I have emailed Rite Aid and asked for some explicit directions cause its very frustrating on all of us.