I can feel it in my bones… Spring is nearing.  I see the weeds coming up, now I definetly know!

It always gets my heart a-goin’ to hear the word spring… cause I associate it with that C word- CLEANING!

This is an article I have used in the past that is a good tool to use.   While I dont strictly follow it, it does give a good idea on what to do, how, when and all that jazz. 

This week I am focusing on cleaning out my 3 boxes of books, mostly my fiction reading,  that I have sitting here.   Once that is weeding through, priced for the next yard sale (which is also a part of Spring Cleaning you understand 😉 ) then I will move on to step 2. 

Have you got the itch yet?

I remember my Mom having this on her wall and its a good reminder to keep on hand as well;

Cooking and Cleaning
and Mending too
Are menial tasks I have to do

But loving my children
and making them smile,
makes everything else
all worthwhile.