Rite Aid this week will be a nice money maker.  The Olay Rebate is in!

For the most part, I am again, following Striving to be Faithful’s scenarios.  A lot of time it just depends on when I get there and find out what is available at our Walgreens or Rite Aid.    
I will also be doing my shopping on Friday to take advantage of the extra sale going on with the over the counter drugs. 

Transaction 1:

Motrin PM – $2.39 (Friday and Saturday)
Huggies $8.99

3 Venus Razors $5.99x 3= $17.97

Olay Facial Wash- $18

Total before coupons- $47.35 + tax
Use 2 $5/$20
Use 3 $2/1 venus razors
Use 3 Buy venus razors get olay wash free
Use $2.50 Huggies coupon (mailed)
Use $1 Motrin coupon
Use 3 $2/1 health or beauty Wellness coupon
Use $1/1 over the counter pain relief Wellness coupon

Total OOP- $2.85+ tax
Receive 1 $15 rebate for the Olay
Receive $2SCR for the Motrin

$14.15 Profit!

Will be back.