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My mission is try to spend $5 or less oop for items I need.  This week, I’ll probably be spending a wee bit more since I want to take advantage of the Huggie deal.  I love Huggies!  I am starting the week out with 3) $8RR, 1- $7RR and 1 $3RR  but I’ll give a beginner scenario

Transaction 1:
For beginners
Buy 1 Poligrip @ $1.99
Use $1.50 coupon
.50 oop + tax
Recieve $2RR (money maker! ps. while I will be giving this to my mother, these can be donated to your Salvation Army and or nursing home)

Transaction 2:
Buy 1 Doves Men body Wash @ $5.99
buy 1 filler item (valentine pencil is teh cheapest) .20 w/ in ad coupon
Use $1.50 coupon
Use $2RR from transaction 1
oop $2.49 + tax
Recieved $6RR from transaction

Transaction 3
Buy 1 Gillette Fushion MVP $8.99
Buy 1 Olay body wash $??
Use $4/1 from the 2/7 proctor and Gamble insert
Use the “buy Gilette razor get a free body wash” coupon 2/7 PG
Buy 1 dozen eggs ( or two dozen if you were lucky enough to get the FB bogo egg coupon.)
buy 1 pecil .20
Use $6RR
Pay tax oop. 
 Recieve $4RR

Transaction 4
Buy 2 Kotex panty liners 2/$6
Use $2/2 coupon (coupons.com?)
(or coupon by email )
buy 1 filler pencil .20
Use $4RR
pay .20+ tax oop
Recieve $3RR

Transaction 5:
buy 2 Gillette antiperspirant $3.99
Buy 1 pencil .20
Use BOGO in the 2/7 P%G
Use $3RR from transaction 4
oop $1.19 + tax
Recieve $1.50 RR

Grand Total OOP – $4.39 with $1.50RR for next time.

My Scenario to come soon.