Love is in the air.  With our children, and with our sweetheart.   Its hard to have a loving but frugal day.  Here are some ways to make the day a special one. 

Bake some goodies with your children.

Instead of going out to eat, create your own resturant.  Its the one night taht you can make 3-4 of your family’s favorite meals and then have them order their preference.  Or do a special 3 course meal.

Find a babysitter for the night and just spend the evening together in front of the fire.  Talk to each other.  Reconnect. Watch a movie. 

Write love notes and share them to each other.

Buy a bag of doves and unwrap all the chocolate.  Take some tin foil and tape a little love saying to the foil and roll the chocolate back up.  Or, buy the candy-heart saying stickers and place those inside the foil.   Make them personal, make them special.