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 I didnt do as well as Crystal (wow! Go girl!) but we stayed WITHIN OUR BUDGET! WOO HOO! Usually I end up going $5-$15 more than what we budget for groceries.  But I shopped for 2 weeks + Farmers Market and stayed within our budget!!!! YES!

Stater Bros- $58 and some change and that is included some protien bars we found on sale for .50 and they are gluten free!!!!

100_7120.jpg picture by CNeipp

At the Farmers Market we spent $14 roughly

100_7121.jpg picture by CNeipp

which brings our total to $72- leaving us $8 below our two week budget!

btw- if you have never had a dried persimmon… try one! They are so so good. addicting.  Very expensive but it takes 2-3 months to get them ready to sell.  I think the guy said they were $15.50 a lb and that was a lot but for all that work, its very cheap.   We only bought 1 though. 😉