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This is kind of a double post in a sense.  Its my garden update as well, but having a garden can save you more money.

Fridays Frugal tip- Freecycle.  I recently wanted to read the latest People Magazine.  The Duggar article had caught my eye at the newstand and I wanted to read the whole article and have a hard copy on hand.  Well, I was not about to pay the $4 it would have cost me.  Ouch.  Just for one article?    So I went home and asked on freecycle if anyone had it.  Within a few minutes I was given one.  $4 saved.  .50 in gas used.  Yep.  I like it.  

Freecycle is another way to offer what you have to those that are searching for something.  Neighbor helping neighbor.  It helps our community!

Another way our family saves money is by having a garden.  I wasnt so faithful this last year in keeping a productive garden.  I missed it very much.  Already in Febuary I have started my Sugar Snap Peas and as soon as the rain lets up (woo hoo for rain!) I’ll get the green beans in.   I know of people taht have saved $100’s on their grocery bill by having a garden.  I doubt I’ll be able to save that much in the amount of time they have. But I’m sure taht as the years past that $100 will turn into $1000’s.  It is also a way to ensure that your family knows what is in your fruits and veggies.   Children love to help.  Get them involved.  Make it a family project.

100_7083.jpg picture by CNeipp

100_7085.jpg picture by CNeipp

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