THe farmers Market is actually on Friday here but I need a Saturday post. 😉

2 weeks ago at the grocery store, I paid approx. $25-$30 for the items pictured below:
100_7042.jpg picture by CNeipp

Yesterday I bought everything above for $14.21.  Which is really good since I went $5 over our grocery budget since I had to get olive oil and decided to get the big jug since it was so much cheaper in the long run.  Like .20 an oz cheaper. 😛

What came in the mail:
Today (not pictured) I recieved my free sample of dried plums
Yesterday I recieved:
My Huggies coupons
An Avery Post-It Label sample
A Rebate Check
And a free Oatmeal coupon from Starbucks.  😀
100_7041.jpg picture by CNeipp

Have a good week!