This week has been very challenging.   We really dont have too much in the pantry.  I have a good stockpile of Tuna but there is only so much Tuna a person can eat.   Our pantry probably isnt like most.  Most of what I have is baking supplies, cc chips, and condiments.  I hate a cluttered fridge, pantry or shelf.  So anytime I have to “make room” is when I know I have to clean it out. 

So what did we do this week for meals?

Lots of oatmeal.  I do have a hefty stash of oatmeal.  Hubby cant get full on it enough to go to work and not be starving 1/2 hour later.  But I fry an egg or 10 with it and it’ll work. bwahahaha.  We love eggs.

I also have a HEFTY stash of yogurt. Seriously like 20 containers of yogurt.  Lots of yougurt.  When something is free or near free and its something we can and will eat, I get it.  I had to stop when I couldnt find any room.  So usually we have a yougurt with some sort of meal. 

Tonights meal will probably be Tuna. 😉

Does anyone have any good rice recipies they would like to share?