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I tried to do a $5 out of pocket challenge this week with Walgreens.  I think I just went over because I “forgot” my coupons.  I actually just forgot where I put them. Silly me. 😛

So here are my transactions.  I have $7RR to start out with from previous weeks.  Which help a great deal.

Transaction 1
2 Lip Neosporins 2/$8
1 dozen of Deerfarms fresh Eggs  $.99
Used  2 /$3 off neopsorin Lip coupons   (click the back button 2 to get 2 coupons)
Used a $2RR 
Total with tax $1.65
$3 RR earned.
Savings on this reciept $12.68

Transaction 2:
3 / dozen Deerfarms fresh eggs.  .99×3=$2.97
Charmin Bath Toilet Paper (forgot my .50 coupon again 😛  ) Total $3.99
Used- $3RR from last transaction
Used $3RR from last week
Total- $1.29
Total spent so far: $2.94
Total saved on this transaction: $9.90

Transaction 3:
1 Colgate Fresh 60z toothpaste $2.99
1 Thermacare $2.49
Used $1 coupon from January’s ALL you magazine (Found only at Walmart)
$1 coupon here for Therma Care
Would have done the BOGO on the OUST and used my BOGO from this weeks Smart Source insert but since I couldnt I had to pay OOP- $3.93  (Doing the BOGO transaction would have allowed me to use another RR)

So $3.93 OOP leaving me with a grand total spent of $6.93
1 6pack of Charmin $3.99
2 Neosporin Lip ointment $8 for both
4 1/dozen eggs $3.96
1 tube of tooth paste
1 Thermacare heat wrap (Love these for headaches and backaches.)
Total savings on all transactions:  $25.68

On Saturday I hope to do this deal as well as get some OUST.