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 I’ve always had some sort of coupon folder.  But they tore in no time, literally, I’d pick one up and it would crumble in my hands.  It knew my ways.  However recently I came across a small coupon holder from a gal on Etsy.  She was featured in the Dec. ALL YOU issue and I had to see what she got.   Back in December I bought myself a Pansy purse at the local craft fair.   When I saw the different colors and variety of choices.  Needless to say, after months of trying to find the perfect one, planning on making the perfect one, I have to say, I think I found the perfect one. 

 100_6864.jpg picture by CNeipp

See! Isnt it gorgeous?

100_6866.jpg picture by CNeipp

I contacted her to see if she would custom make mine to match my purse.  Black and purple.  She was so willing and started immediatley.  I was so impressed by the workmanship and quality.  The different pockets to sort things, even maked down nice and neatly, organzied, I LOVE IT!

100_6867.jpg picture by CNeipp

So dont wait.  Dont delay.  If you are in the market for somenice beautiful, practical, and useful, head over here and buy yourself a nice treat.  You wont regret it!  Affordable prices to boot.