Tina, you are the winner of the Thomas Kinkade book! Please email me with an addy on where to ship this. 🙂

Thank you Jen for visiting my blog.  Always great to see people here.

So, Friday I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled.  After 45 minutes of trying 6 different places to put an IV in me, it was 30 minutes of pulling my teeth.  Now, that just seems weird. LOL. Unfortunetly I have those kind of veins that it just takes forever to find. Lovely.  Today is day 5 and I’m slowly recovering.  Meds make me kind of loopy.  But oh well. 🙂  One side of my face needs makeup but the other side looks like I’m sucking on a gumball or something.  This is what I looked like shortly after getting my teeth pulled. 

 100_6427.jpg picture by CNeipp
Its embarrasin.   
But I thank God that I did the OAMC when I did because its been a God-send.  As well as my MIL who gave up 2 whole days to take care of the kids while I slept the days away.  Gulp. blush.

 Looking forward to holidays!  Moneysavingmom has some great frugal ideas on having thanksgiving meal within a reasonable budget.  Be sure to check her out.