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I had wanted to do this with MoneySavingMom and FishMama but I got sick and therefore am about 2 days behind.  But I am determind to do something.   My freezer is kind of small so I am not sure exactly what I can/will be doing but here is a basic idea;

2 Batches of GF Pumpkin pancakes
Pumpkin Puree (in the oven as I type)
Egg salad for this week
4 Chicken Tetrazinni a bit tweaked though so we can eat it GF
3 batches of Cream of Chicken GF style
GF Granola (adapted)
2 dinners of slow-cooked pepper steak
1 batch of oven-baked rice (makes a LOT!)
And I have a pot of beans soaking.   I should have done something besides just pinto but oh well. 


And thats probably all I’ll have freezer room for.  LOL.  So I’m starting with that and we’ll just go from there. 🙂

So I’m doning my apron and off I go!