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 Its that time of year where the days grow shorter and its time to pull out all that winter reading.   I just finished reading;  The Many Loves of Marriage by Thomas and Nanette Kinkade.

WOW.  What a good book.  I wasnt sure I was going to enjoy it. But I do!  Just as his paintings create a sense of warmth and desire, so does that reflect in their marriage.  Nanette is surely one you want to take notes from and learn.  Her pillar of strength for her husband is evident in his writtings and his love and devotion for God and family is evident in his. 

I am not sure I could write a good enough review.  Its one you just have to pick the book up and read. You read of some of their journeys throughout the country and with each other.  Of the times of hardship and the times of ease.  Like a normal human couple fallen in sin, they had their troubles, but its not a despressing read.  You find encouragement in what they went through, what they learned and how you can better yourself when you find yourself in a simular situation and how ultimately God prevails. 

So, I am giving you a chance to read this book!  I have to apologize first off though, my daughter did a scribble mark near the ISBN number on the back of the book.  Blush.  The only reason I mention it is because it may not be a good Christmas gift kind of book.  😉 

To enter;  Drop me a line telling me your favorite marriage book OR Thomas Kinkade painting. 
I personally have always been drawn to the country cottage look of some of his. 

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