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My sister in law recently shared with me something she is doing with a few other ladies and I thought it was such a cool idea that I would share it with you.

She said that they have this group that makes a meal once a month x how ever many people that are in that group.  So for example she has a group of I think 11 ladies.  And once a month they all meet and exchange food.  You make 1 meal for yourself + 10 others (if you have 11.  However that would work for you). 

It doesnt have to be elaborate.   She made taco meat.  Another gal could make spaghetti sauce.  So and and so forth.   Once a month cooking brought to a different level.   You make one meal but you get a veriety of meals through someone else’s baking.  I love this idea!

Look at this post for a conservative way to freeze meals.


Hope this will be useful for you all. 🙂