So I’ve had Money Saving Mom bookmarked for months.  But I’ll gladly admit, all the coupon codes were so confusing.  What was the Smart Source they were talking about?  What about RedPlum?  Everything was so confusing even though is was so clear to others!  Finally I decided just to sit down, read and do it.  I spent 1 1/2 hours reading everything, I read steps to take and wrote it down so I would go prepared;  See, proof!

What I didnt take a picture of was the scattered coupons that was too embarrasing even for me.

I woke up the next day and called long distance to my friend Cathe, who is the frugal queen in my book! She is a lifesaver.  In 15 minutes everything was clear and I was more encouraged to try this. 

Here is what I came home with-

 I dont have a before calculation but that whole lot there totals $14.15 – $1.50 if I can learn how submit my rebate.

$14 right there is totally worth it for those diapers.   The band aids ended up free. (or $1 if you count the fact that I had to buy the children’s activity booklet to get them but still 3 boxes for $1.  I know I’ll be using them up quickly)

The fraps were $1 for the larger oz size. YES! Wow.  That’ll last me a few days I hope. LOL.   Walgreens I paid more but I had more in rewards.  While I paid $14.15, I had a $4 register reward slip (which uses like a gift card for my next visit) so those ended up being $10.  I paid for the cambells soup about .30 each. The fraps I had 4 on $4 (1 I gave to my brother for helping me out) So we’re at $4.30 that leaves $5.70 for the diapers.  Divide by 2 leaves $2.85 per diaper.  If I figure out this rebate it’ll end up being $2.15 a package. WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! YES!  Jennie, I hope your reading this.  Go get some! 😉 

The other stuff was free from Rite Aid.  Put your money out but you’ll get it back in Rebate.  I think I put out $19.  After coupons.  I messed up on that.  I actually could have made money if I had remembered the $5 off coupon of purchase $25 or more.  Doh!

Ok, so is it worth it to you?

Remember to check out Money Saving Mom for more tips.  If you have a CVS or Target there are some great freebies going on. 🙂