In Our area right now (so. Ca)  Staples is having a 50% off paper product.  I got a case of paper for $35.   Now, you put the money up front and you use your rewards card and at the end of your period they send you a check.  

Is it worth it?  Lets see;

$17.50 for a case of 5000 sheets of paper.   A 500 page package from Walmart costs me $3.50.  5000 pages would = $35.    So there is no savings between Walmart and Staples at this point.  But since prices are sliced in half right now.  Its $17.50 less than what I woudl normally pay.   And since I’m printing a lot right now its worth it to me.  🙂 

Also to take into concideration.  Storing.   Will it get ruined being stored away if you wont use it for several several years?