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 I read this really good book by my own Mumsie titled, Argosy Junction.  You can purchase this fantastic book on Lulu or Amazon.  

She is doing this fabulous contest where you can actually get a free book!  I want another! rofl. So I am attempting a review but please remember that my words will NOT do this book justice.  You really need to just get the book, and not because my Mumsie wrote it, but it will challenge your spiritual life and perceptions to a whole new level.

Argosy Junction really gave me a new insight to a non-christian perspective.  It wasnt a blasphemous revolt against Christianity while it was about a young woman that rejects Christianity only because of her association with a cult that completely misconstrued what Christianity is about. 

Mumsie asked me to be honest and I will;  I started reading thsi book excited because my own Mother wrote it (and I like challenging easy-reading fiction books ;)) but the more I read, the more I couldnt put the book down for the story’s sake rather than the author.   I was swept up with the humor but the thought provoking conversations.  I was very sorry when the book ended.   

I was swept up in the ranch life and bustled about in the city.  The way the book was written made me feel like I was there.  Sharing the experiances with the characters.  

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ps.  I was just informed that you can purchase directly from the author and save on shipping!

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