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 Most of you know that for the most part we are gluten-free/wheat-free.  I havent been as consistent or as picky about it.  Until about a month ago when I found out that my son is very sensitive to wheat and possibly dairy.  Therefore I did more of a strict diet and it has seemed to help the problems we were facing (nasty runny diapers, rashy area and unsoothing crankiness).   However, I do not like experimenting with recipes so much.   I want what is put in front of me and I want to get out of the kitchen as quickly as possible.   I know, great homemaker attitude there huh? 😉 For the most part when I started out doing GF with David I didnt find many recipes that appealed to us.  Rice bread was always dry and substituting a certain flour just made it edible.  But in the past couple weeks I have made:

Shoofly pie with GF crust– Got an A from Hubby
Bread 2 weekly (A+ from hubby and I’ll actually eat this)
Tonight I found a nice moist cornbread recipe  (pst, worked really well in the cast iron skillet)

Who knows what else lies out there?  I found 2 blogs:



So, what else is going on in our little corner of the city?   Well, yesterday my husband made a chest/box/window seat for our livingroom.  I havent taken pictures because the lid isnt made and I already filled it with um, stuff.   But he did a good job. 😉  I have been sewing and learning to make pretty cards;

 I have also been trying to create a winter nightgown like the one I have on my Etsy store

This is what I have so far.  It may look dull and uncreative but I hope it will be a cute nightgown soon.

 Still looking forward to start plowing the ground for fall.  I need to get a move on it yesterday. 😛  Its so blazing hot again.  103 today.  75 last week.  This is definetly the desert.