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Anne Shirley’s motto; “Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it”  is about to become my weeks motto.  I hope to remember that everytime I fail this week.  What a cheeful way to start this post.  Let me take a step back.

Its starting to turn fall.  While nature is dying and casting away I am renewed and full of energy.   My body is sneezing at the change in the weather but I’m rearin’ to go.  This week I’m starting on a theory I have.   I am seeing if my lil ones will kind of pick up in their attitude and behavior issues if I feed them on schedule.  Usually they start to whine, I deal with it then I give em a little something.   They have David’s metabolism and NEVER EvER get full.  No matter how much protien I give em.  No matter how I balance it with fiber and carbohydrates.  Yes, we’ve tried it all.  They just burn their food fast.  So I’m trying to feed them every 3 hours.  With some help of family and friends I’ve put a little snack menu for them.   I have a bottle of juice that I’ll delude with water and some fresh homemade goat yogurt with veggies like carrots and zuccini.  Carbs and protien.   I have celery, PB and raisins,  I have cheese and fruit, and I have homemade trail mix with finely chopped walnuts, raisins and I’m hoping to make GF oat granola.  It’ll take me all day tomorrow to prepare this and at the end of the week I may say… this is so not worth it.  But I’m gonna give it a try.  Who knows, maybe someone else will find this helpful. 

My own personal goal is to way cut back the sugar.  I eat sugar under stress and pressure.  I have been under that a lot lately with my whole back issues.  2 chiropracter visits in 1 week and no change to the stabbing pain I’m getting.  You know its bad when you walk and drive like an S shape.   No one can figure out why.  So anyway, I made a betty crocker GF cookie mix.  The box says it makes 20.  I made 48.  😀  I divided em up into 2 cookies a bag.  And these arent dinkie quarter size cookies. Nope. They are lid size cookies. mmmmm.  I added peanut butter 1/4 cup to mine and let them cook a bit longer.  Added protein and my hubby says they arent as sweet.  A + for him. 🙂 I labeled em Monday, Tuesday and so forth with the calories on them.  I’m hoping that if I miss Tuesday’s or another day that it’ll give me the butler kick I need.  Who wants their hubby to see missing zip lock bags! 🙂

Its time to start the fall garden.  I’m thinking with starting on Sugar Snap Peas. YAY!

Its a brand new day……….