My friend sent me these LOVELY napkins.  I’m in heaven.  I love them.  How refreshing to sit with a cuppa tea and know that you’ll love your napkin beside it.   Quality fabric, and quality sewing.  Ahh yes.  The good life.


  But I have a daughter that needs more than a napkin, She also sent me a bib that has been used well for the day.   The bib she is wearing now was a baby gift from our crazy packer fan.  It always makes me think of her when we use it.  Such a smile we all wear while she wears her bib.  Oh yes, Stephen uses it too.

And we harvested our first very puny strawberry today.  Unfortunetly if we didnt pick it soon the birds would have feasted on it.   It might be the only strawberry of the season.   I so long for the days when you could just grow a field of them and enjoy them all summer long. 

And lastly,  My gorgeous and wonderful Sister Braelyn took family photos a couple weeks ago.  Here is a sample of what we have!

May God richly bless you all!  Thank you for reading this blog.  I very much enjoy comments so drop one by! 🙂