I know, its the name of a movie but it describes all of us.    Hello everyone.  I havent dropped off…yet.  But the day of judgement is coming and we will all get a judgement on the day of judgement (Bleak House- Charles Dickins)

Its spring.  I love this season.  Its an exhausting time but later on we will reap the fruit (or veggies) of our labors.   With Emma and Stephen growing up so quickly on us,  we’ve constantly had to re-evaluate what is important to us.   REally, all we should need is our home, bed, clothes, Bible, each other, and food.   But we find little things that really help us enjoy life, although they are not necessities.  Like books,  music cds,  computer, printer, paper, toys, sewing items, piano, guitar, clarinet (last two of those are hardly touched but when they are, what a treat!)  Stove, kitchen items, and the list could go on.    We want to move.   Each year something else in our home needs replacing badly, each month we are fixing something and each day as we try to find a home for something else (no not pack rats yet) we think of how much easier it would be to just get rid of everything.   LOL.  Yet our “wish list” ever grows. 

Epicurus said, “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you have now was once umong the things you only hoped for.”

I havent been sewing as much since Stephen has been born.   I did make all of our Easter outfits the Saturday before Easter.  That is 2 male shirts, 1 skirt for me and a dress for Emma.  We still have done pictures but hope to soon.  Yeah.  I was up til midnight sewing.  Literally.   But it was all worth it.  😀

I did cut my own hair last night using this method– turned out well (Yes, I am red and embarrased here)

Well,  my birthday is coming up Tuesday and I will be lucky 21 yrs.   I want to then exercise my rights and go buy an achohol beverage and drink responsibly.  😉