That sounds like a weird title for a blog post, but I have been absent long enough.   I feel like I’m coming back to earth.  The baby days are quickly flying by.   The clouds have parted.   I’m walking on firm ground again.   Stephen is teething horribly.   Emma was no where near like this.  He is full of drool, constantly fussy, and I’m having to change a messy diaper every day (that I wont complain about though.  While I dispise stinkiness, I love knowing that his bowels are cleaned.   I hope I didnt interupt a meal).    Finally at my wits end  I bought a Amber Teething Necklace.   Oh, what a relief.  Its definetly helping.

With Stephen growing so rapidly,  I have been re-arranging our 800sq ft home to accommodate him.  Its not really all that hard.  You just decide what needs a new home.  Ok, yeah, its hard, but well worth the time and effort it takes.

Its starting to turn spring here.  We have had many days of rain here.  I think a total of 6 days? on and off throughout the month.  The ground is nice and soft.  The weeds are many.  We have our work cut out for us.  This weekend we will be working on a new garden plot and hopefully get, onion,  strawberries, tomatoes, peas, and lettuce in the ground.  Maybe. Maybe, carrots.

This Sunday Emma was all dressed up.  It wasnt all that intentional.  She just wanted to wear her bracelet her cousin made her for christmas.  Then she wanted to wear my necklace cause her brother had one on.  All in all, she ended up very dressed up for Church.  And all in all, I am not sorry.  We should be dressed in our finest to go into the house of God to worship His holy Name.