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 On a board I am on, someone asked to see our quilts, I thought I would add them to here so I could pull them up at anytime and give other people idea’s. 

I made these when I was approx. 16yr.   The Large Log Cabin was made for my hubby the first year of our courtin’ days.   It took me approx. 4 months to make but more consistently it would have been maybe 2 weeks.

I did not quilt it however.  It was done by a friend in town and boy were we happy with her work! She has done most of our quilting now.  I can quilt more small type things but my machine wouldnt do a California King size quilt.  Despite my bragging on the excellent Bernina 1230-40 it does have a limit.

I was four red-center squares short and my hubby LOVES horses so we used the backing and cut out the horse heads to make these four center blocks.   It is one of my hubby’s favorite gifts ever.  If I ever make him a pair of knitted socks, it will probably be the only thing that tops this quilt.  LOL


My other quilt was more baby size. 

 Just a basic nine-patch.   It was quilted by my mom on our machine and it has been Emma’s blanket for about a month now.  I need to make Stephen one but I haven’t decided what to do yet….

Just basic quilting anyone can do on a simple machine.

The border is my favorite. The nice rich tones.  It kind of reminds me of the amish colors. 

Anyway, there you go! Enjoy and get motivated! You can do it!   I made a basic nine-patch when I was 5.  Anyone can!