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 Yesterday I was a good mom.  I took my children out into the 30F weather.   No, no, they wanted to be out.  Emma was excited not to be cooped up in the one room playroom and Stephen looked forward for the fresh air.  At least, I think he did, for he was giggling along with Emma.  One of those rare moments to be treasured.

Euphemia was all bundled up.  The mittens she actually kept on and her hat was for the most part left alone. 

Stephen was bundled up too.  Along with the cozy hat knitted by a friend of mine,  the sweater he wore was also knitted by another dear friend of mine.  It was actually Emma’s but he has been able to wear it too.  So I had a homemade little boy yesterday.  It was a sweet reminder of all those near and dear that fill our homes with love and care. 

Yesterday I spent the day making Emma’s Christmas gift.  It wasn’t as easy as I thought but it was fun.  I learned a little more crocheting (thanks to my trusty youtube tutorials) and I learned that Walmart doesn’t have double-point needles.  Sigh.  I made do.  What you see is a thrift shop wooden bowl, and 3 knitted strawberries1 crocheted apple, and one crocheted orange.  I’m working on carrots now.  I also bought some felt to do fried eggs.  (Eggs are one of her favorite food).  It has been very fun and I know taht she will enjoy it,  I let her play with them as I got done.  I know bad me not keeping it a surprise but I just had to know if there was a remote possibility she would enjoy them. 😉

Today is the 12th and 13th of December projects (please dont remind me how far behind I am).   Today I will be making more pajama pants for my twin nephews, and I will be cutting out a shirt pattern for David.  I also want to write a few more letters for his stocking. 

We are quickly approaching Christmas.  I wish I could make it last longer….