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 Seventh was a day of rest.  I took the day to catch my breath and reflect on celebrating on preparing my heart for this season.  I have been listening to a series done in 2007 by Charles Swindoll.  They have been very insightful and I believe I can somewhat like Mary, ponder these things within my heart.    On the seventh day, we reflected the reason for Advent. 

On the 8th day, I made my neice a skirt, somewhat like teh one pictured below.  Since that was a better picture, I used that one.

On the ninth day, I caught up on orders, knitted some more on my BIL’s scarf, and started cross-stitching bookmarks.  The days are very busy.   I’m still constantly rushing here and there.   I have 2 parties to attend to this weekend.  One is a cookie exchange, and the other is a dedication of a farm and a birthday celebration.  Needless to say, the oven will be keeping us warm,  holiday music shall be heard in every corner of the house,  wrapping paper is strewn everywhere…and I love it all.