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 I actually don’t have 4th Dec. picture.  It’ll take a bad one because of the night light and the skirt’s colors so I’ll be adding that one later.

3rd day of december.  This is a head-covering/scarf I made for my pen-friend in Scotland.   I used the pattern here.

Emma was kind enough to model it for me-

  Like I said, I’ll add the skirt here tomorrow when I write 5th and 6th of Dec. 


How i made the skirt was,
1) 44″w  x 10″ long for 1 tier
2) 36″w  x  10″ long for 2nd tier
3) 44″w  x 10″ long for third tier. 
Sew the fabrics for each tier together to make three tubes.  Put gathering threads in 2nd and third tiers.  Gather up so that 2nd tier can be sewn at the bottom of the first and the 3rd tier gathered up so that it fits the second.  Hem the bottom and fold the top of the first tier down about 1″ for your elastic casing.  Clear as mud?

THis morning I was late in getting around and decided to Dress-Up Emma (which means do her hair).  I get her all primmed up and she’s ready for bed.  So like her.  But later I took this sweet picture and it made me smile.  Aren’t children the most cuddable, adorable, sweet little things… Well, Emma is little anyways.

Merry Christmas!