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 Yes I know, my calender is a bit off. The calender in our bedroom still is set on Nov.  Aren’t our days always like that? A vapor… a breath of wind that no one ever sees but feels.

This week my hubby cooked us a roast over our woodburning stove.

 It was a challenge somewhat, but oh so worth it.

 Is your mouth watering yet?

I also did some small decorations to our home.

 This is our tree for the year… and I said I would  never do artificial… HA!

I also acomplished another Christmas gift today.  This one is going to my neice, Elizabeth.  I love the rich colors and the style just works so well with this cordoroy fabric.  I am sure she will like it.

Well, my friends, thats it for today but I do hope to make more progress and post each day as we draw closer to Christmas.


Today I celebrate 12 years of being washed clean and serving Lord Jesus.  The battle has been hard and weary but I have been equipped with all I need to carry on til the war is over.  It is comforting to know that victory is ours already.  Choose your side well, there will come a time when choice is no longer yours.